we foster artists. we create realities.



To procure high art through the act of discovery, development, and manifestation. XCI facilitates creativity by offering a home for artists to express and manifest their vision to it’s fullest extent. Our truth is to guide the creative process by celebrating the ideal through its manifestation. We understand that to do this, we must win the trust of our artists and honor their artistic endeavors. That is why we are committed to empowering creatives through education of the music industry, offering access to our network and resources, and building a community that artists truly can feel at home at. At XCI, family is first. Family is built through honesty, camaraderie and friendship. We uphold our high standards by holding each of our members accountable for their work. We are dedicated to producing timeless, classic bodies of work which is only possible through sacrifice, teamwork, and patience. Welcome to the family.



High Art Before All Else •  Great Art is Good Business • Timeless Work Only • The Sum of All Parts is Greater • Controlled Focus is a Super Power • Precision over Speed • Family First • Sing us a Song • There are No Masters • Don’t Forget to Live