Based in New York City. 

November 20. 2020. Cristina in the vocal booth, cutting vocals for her debut EP.
Adorbs.Bruno, Cristina and Logan at Dimension 70 Studios in Chinatown, just moments after their first 12 hour session together.December 18. 2020. Cristina's songwriting team and Carlos at The Diner Studios, transferring over the project for post production.Chum.Cristina and Logan discussing the tracking process.Bruno, looking ready to pick up and shred on guitar.Cristina, Greg, and Fermin ganging in the vocal booth, wrapping up the second session after 10 hours.D70's house engineer, Steve, preparing to track Cristina.Cristina having a little bit of fun at the keyboard, end of her tracking session.Wonder what she was playing..Behind the scenes at D70, with a camera operator. Greg and Gianluca gearing up second session of Cristina's.Logan speaking to Bruno about how to go about the live performance before tracking.Cristina and Fermin shining during their first session at D70.Greg and Fermin together at Cristina's first session.The talented neophyte, Bruno Fredis, tracking on his first album performance. Fermin adjusting the outboard gear to fine tune Cristina's vocal tracking. Marcus hanging out in the studio, getting ready to coach everyone to get their very best performance.Gordon having his coffee.November 22, 2020. In the middle of the session.André, Bruno and Logan at Marcus' home studio working on some new material for André's debut. Steve and Coco hanging out at Dimension 70's offices.
March 5. 2021. Marcus directing Skyler Fortgang's drum performance at Gary's Marcus conducting the session.Marcus chatting with Bruno and Logan about style in performance before beginning their 8 hour session for André's debut.Logan on guitar.Deep in the session, Marcus capturing the moment.A+Focused.Robbie, house engineer at Gary's, queuing up Logan and Bruno pre performance.~~Beautiful place to record.Scoping out the energy in the studio.André and Robbie playing back the track in the Control Room.Zach on keys and Marcus commenting on style and performance.Calibration and precision in performance makes the difference.Dominick Alcantara of Barangay Bois, checking out his artist's work at Gary's Electric.Wonder boy. April 3, 2021. The Diner Studios. L-R. Kyosuke Nonoyama, Carlos Perez Bustillo, Bruno Fredes, Marcus Martínez, Logan Brondo, Skyler Fortgang, Roy Graquitena, Cristina Ferucci & Leticia Ferraz.Cristina's first performance off songs from her debut, live at The Diner Studios.Leticia Ferraz on stage production.Inspired by Amethyst.

Riz La Vie @ his inaugural NYC show. Rough Trade (Nov 2018).Boys

Riz La Vie & Band @ Live Nation NYC
Riz La Vie @ WT7 BMI NYC HQ
Riz La Vie w/ Sid Swift. Post Prod. session for Napkins.

First cut
Riz La Vie at Spotify's HQ in NYC demoing music for Fresh Finds