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A home to artists, writers and PRODUCERS.

We partner with artists with respect towards their sovereignty as creative business owners. As such, we consider our clients to be equal partners in business. We believe in equity partnerships and have procedures in place to help our clients build their IP and infrastructure as independent business owners. Our goal with each client is to help them achieve financial and creative independence to better position them for growth on their own terms.

We, NINETYONEMGMT, are committed to advocating on behalf of our clients’ best interests. We are dedicated to providing excellent, transparent and expedient service to the best of our abilities. It is our understanding that the creatives we represent trust us with their life work and as such we take careful measures to protect their IP while seeking opportunities to increase its value. We take great pride in working with the people we believe in and work hard to honor and respect our relationship to them. Most of all, we are vanguards of creation and approach our work with a sense of exaltation and wonder.